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Neobux is undoubtedly the Numero Uno of the PTC site world. Let us find out why....

(Or, how to earn more than $150,000 at a paid-to-click site after joining for FREE....)


We have come across this name umpteen number of times....

.....and discarded it as just another scam ptc site...

Well, one has to have some luck even to distinguish a good opportunity from the bad....

Certainly I have been unlucky so far....

because, even though I had been within it for some months, I discontinued it without knowing its true potential...

I think you too might have.... until now...

When I recently came across a proof that a NeoBux member has earned a staggering $150,597 (yes, it is more than one hundred thousand US Dollars, believe me) within just 18 months of joining for FREE, I was stunned....

.....and when I now learn that hundreds of members are earning not less than $500 to $3000 per MONTH [only in PURE PROFIT] already after joining for FREE, I could come to only one conclusion:

It is purely insane if we continue to ignore it still...

Why? Because, after all, we, like-minded persons are here online still struggling to find a solid income opportunity....

Well, we are not unlucky anymore....

Because we have found the truth.... that NeoBux truly works.....

and more importantly, there is a certain trick to learn to maximize the earnings there...

Just signup for FREE....

Surf the required number of sites daily for 1 full month : It is just 4 clicks and takes hardly 5 minutes total per day.....

That's all...!

That is the small first step we have to take before our giant leap in earning online...

Think no further, no second thoughts necessary.

Signup right now:

As you know, I am fond of helping people while getting help for myself....

I will not mislead you, you can be sure....

As we progress in our journey in NeoBux, you know I am always an email away to clarify any doubts and help you in any manner possible....

3 points are to be remembered initially, however:

1. It is preferable to surf daily almost at the same time in order to avoid missing a surfing day due to time-zone differences.... (however, server time is still visible in the back-office to help us deciding it)

2. Do NOT promote your referral link until you complete your first month at NeoBux surfing daily: It is waste of time, and you will NOT get credit for it, as per site's terms.

3. You will upgrade eventually to earn big, but do NOT upgrade right now, even if you can, especially during the first month of joining. If you do so, it will severely limit your earning potential.

4. Since it is quite easy to get BANNED from the site, it is important that you read the terms of the site after joining and strictly follow them; Especially do NOT open the site from 2 different computers in a 24-hour period. [Only one user per IP is allowed in 24 hours and only one account per computer; Don't click at school, work or by using some kind of Proxy or VPN because usually the IP is the same for every Internet user and the computers may be acceded by other accounts.]

Once you join with my referral link, at

just let me know at "";  I will send some tips which I received from my upline - who has enlightened me by continuously sending me emails till I joined.

Please take this very seriously for your own sake, and do not do the mistake of ignoring it as I did earlier.

Frankly, I don't know how to stress this enough.

You can always ask for the screenshots of my earnings at NeoBux and also the link to the live proofs of earnings of other members plus some more tips.....

But don't wait till then; Jump start right now for FREE:

You can even watch your earnings grow online without logging into the site itself! More on that with my own screenshots on hearing from you after joining....

Even if you have questions before joining for FREE, I am here to answer them.

It is not a question whether you will earn or not at NeoBux. It is the question 'how much?'....

Well, could it exceed the
$150,597 ?
Or is it "only"
$500 to $3000 per MONTH mentioned at the beginning ?

YOU decide!

(And how much time do you think it will take to cashout? Once you reach the minimum amount of just $2 to cashout, you just press the button, and at the next blink of the eye, the amount will sit in your Alertpay / Paypal / Neteller account. For me, it was quicker than a Alertpay to Alertpay transfer! This is a feature appreciated by almost all members constantly, as seen in their testimonials.)

Finally, just one line from the the hundreds of
testimonials at the site:

"Neobux is a god-sent program for me... It has changed my entire life for the good. I don't know how to express my gratitude....."  

I joined Neobux on January 01, 2010.

Here is my live-earnings plus the site's pay-outs to its members:
(If the image is not visible, please refresh this page)

These are some statistics of the site posted by the Admin on 8th January 2010:
(Obviously these statistics are NOT up-to-date because the figures are increasing more on a daily-basis.... rather hourly-basis)

Total monetary amount paid: over $15,511,000.00
This value is only related to cashouts.

Total monetary amount earned: over $47,910,000.00

This value includes cashouts and all that the users have earned.

Highest cashed out amount in a single transaction: $20,744.06

This is the highest of all payments we've made.

Biggest ROI ever achieved by a user: 37 times (3700%)

This is the biggest return of investment made by a single user.

PS:  I prefer the hassle-free Payment Processor ALERTPAY.
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Update as of 2012/01/01:

After all things said above, I am no longer in Neobux now!  Wonder why?

You know, one of the basic requirement of being in Neobux is logging into the site regularly - whether you click the ads or not.

I just could not do it... I was forced to be offline by my family circumstances for as long as 2 months.  This resulted in the cancellation of my account by the Admin.

Indeed I anticipated the situation and withdrew all the money to my Alertpay (now Payza) account before being offline, but I just could not login at least once a month into the site to retain my account.

I would have been in more profit if I continued to be a Neobux member, but circumstances were more powerful than me during the period.

Still, I have no regrets.  I firmly believe that whatever happens is for the good.

So, as on date, Neobux continues to be a good medium to earn money if you play it correctly, but keep one thing in mind:  Read the Success Stories section of the Neobux Forum and use your due diligence.

Since I am no longer in Neobux now, I don't provide any more email support for those who may join hereafter - sorry.

And you ask why have I not signed up again at Neobux? This is because, as per my current family circumstances, I would need to go offline frequently and hence might not be able to login at the required frequencies.

However, I found some other earning method which too is quite effective.  While I am unable to elaborate on this now, I may probably do it in the future - but I don't know when.  When time comes, I will certainly do it!

Thank you for taking time to read till this and I wish you all success.


Update as of 2013/03/01:

I had said earlier "When time comes, I will certainly do it!"

Well, the time has come to reveal you The Perfect Earner !

Before I tell you about it, I want you to understand just a few points:


1.  Making money online is very much possible, but, it is not so easy INITIALLY.  This means, it DOES take work initially, and that is probably much more than many lazy people would be willing to put.  Having said that, making outrageous money online is very much possible.  Right now, thousands of people are doing the same, BUT please note that they started initially just like anybody else - you and me.  It is through properly and CONSISTENTLY following a proven system they are able to make that much.


2.  There is no free money - either online or offline.  Everything has a price to pay.  So you must be willing to 'spend' [no, the right word is 'invest'] some money (initially) to earn manifolds later.  In later stages  too, you will need to spend money, probably more of it, BUT the costs will be very easily covered by your profits.


3.  This system is 100% self-contained.  If you follow it 100%, you WILL make money, it is 100% guaranteed.  This means, you have to make a promise to yourself, that you will not be distracted by the shiny opportunities you will come across on a daily basis.  This program will cover any and all of those shiny opportunities and plenty more.  Everything you need to know IS contained in this system.


4.  This program has produced dozens, if not hundreds of millionaires.  In the home page, you can see that many 6-figure earners attribute their success to this program.  [Do you think they have no work to do and will sit to write a testimonial for a junk program?] What you will learn from this system is the exact things those millionaires learned from this system.  It is up to how much efforts you are willing to put to attain the same outcome, given that each one of the member joining this program is presented with the exact same system to follow.


Now, please re-read the above 4 points.  And just assure yourself that you understand the above points before reading further.  If you are not comfortable with the above 4 points, please leave this page right now because online earning is probably not for you.


If, and only if, you are comfortable with the above points, click this (updated) link to join it with no further thoughts:


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